It's more than a piece of furniture, and we'd like to show you why.

“When most of us think of the Amish, we think of country folks, who champion simple living, plain dress, and a reluctance to adopt many conveniences of modern technology. However, we also think of quality.”

Why Amish Furniture

Mark Mueller, President AFD USA

Amish Furniture is HAND MADE

Not only is it built to last, but it is built by the hands of Amish Master Craftsmen. The Amish don’t believe in using the conveniences modern technology has afforded large scale manufacturing facilities. Instead, they rely on tried and true, manual processes, that allow them to build one of kind furniture which will last you a lifetime.


The same way it has been done for generations.

  • 100%
    Lifetime Guarantee

  • Handmade

  • Hand it down
    over generations

Most of the furniture you can buy these days is constructed of laminated particle board, shipped in from overseas, and packaged in a box with “easy” to assemble instructions. Ultimately these manufactured boards will break irreparably. To say nothing of the chemicals used to make them, and what effect those chemicals will have on you and your family.

Amish Furniture is made from solid hardwood. With the species, or grain, being selected based on the type of furniture being built. Amish builders select the pieces when they know they have reached ideal maturity, and with the best possible strength, because Amish Furniture is built to last. That is why all of our Amish Furniture comes with a lifetime guarantee. If a piece of our Amish Furniture fails because of a building defect, we will replace it.

Amish Furniture is a GREEN PRODUCT

Sustainable products are eco friendly, and their use will allow our planet to sustain the population growth as our resources dwindle. So you can take pride in knowing your Amish Furniture is a sustainable product.

Amish Furniture is re-usable. Our Amish Furniture is meant to last a lifetime, and longer. We hope that our products are family heirlooms handed down over generations. It is built to last, and stand the test of time, both aesthetically and durably.

Amish Furniture is also a green product. This means producing Amish Furniture yields a tiny carbon footprint. It isn’t traveling back and forth over seas, or produced in large scale factories. The furniture is made in the USA, from locally sourced lumber. Using wood in a way that is picked to maximize the longevity of the forest it comes from. Plus the Amish don’t use electricity, travel by horse and buggy, and grow their own food. So they live green too.


The definition of a sustainable product.

  • Green

  • Low

  • No


There isn’t a law that requires you to buy American made products, but as an American, it sure feels good when you do. When you buy Amish Furniture from AFD USA, you are helping to sustain local jobs, and your money is going right back into the small towns and communities where it was produced. You can take comfort in knowing that you are helping to grow our country’s economy, while at the same time knowing the quality of the product you are buying is second to none.


Great styling comes standard, but you can take it to your own level.

  • 60+

    Wood Finishes

  • 10

    Wood Grains

  • 5+

    Edge Styles

  • 50+


All of AFD USA’s Amish Furniture comes in a variety of select hardwoods and finishes. This gives you a huge variety when it comes to finding the right color and style for your next dining room, living room, or bedroom set. In addition, most all of the pieces come with their own customization options.

There are different table legs, numerous swatches and textures of fabric and leather, different edge profiles for tables and dressers, hand-planed and distressed tops, two-tone finishes, optional silverware drawer inserts, and much more. Enough options to make any piece of Amish Furniture you own perfect for whatever space you need it to fill.

It's A Great Choice

These are just a handful of the reasons why you should consider buying AFD USA’s Amish Furniture for your next kitchen, dining, or bedroom.

It isn’t often that you have an opportunity to invest in the kind of quality your parents, and your grandparents, grew up accustomed to. These days everything is disposable. Why not do it differently when you buy your next piece of furniture. Buy something you will use today, tomorrow, and 30 years from now. A product that is sustainable, made in the USA, and guaranteed for life. But, if you still aren’t convinced, please feel free to call us with any questions you might have.