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About Amish Furniture Direct USA

This Is Who We Are

Today, more than ever, consumers are bombarded with here today, gone tomorrow styles of furniture and the quality to match. Manufacturing facilities turn out furniture at a staggering pace, but in doing so, pollute the air, take jobs out of the country, and use resources that can’t otherwise be renewed. What’s worse, the result is furniture unlikely to last years, let alone a lifetime.

AFD USA’s Amish Furniture is different. The name “Amish” has long been synonymous with high quality and lasting tradition, and their furniture is no different. That’s why AFD USA was created. We wanted to bring the premium quality and craftsmanship of Amish Furniture to everyone.

Sure, there are plenty of other online Amish Furniture dealers, but none like AFD USA, we are different. Our founders have been selling furniture face-to-face since 1927. That is experience most other sites simply don’t have. Combined with an unbeatable commitment to your satisfaction, AFD USA is unlike any¬†online furniture company you have ever experienced.

Our Priorities

Our No. 1 priority is to provide you with service unlike anything you have experienced. AFD USA is committed to serving you, and to finding new and better ways to do so.

AFD USA is committed to bringing you the highest quality furniture. As well as premium service, and a premium buying experience, that will only get better over time.

Our furniture lasts for generations, and our commitment to you is no different. AFD USA is committed to a life-long relationship with our customers.

When John Mueller founded Mueller Furniture in 1927, he wanted to run the kind of business that people would trust. With the Great Depression looming, this worked out well for someone like “honest John”, as he would come to be known.

In the midst of the Great Depression, this often meant being more patient with customers who recently lost jobs, or whose savings were running low. This kind of service cultivated life-long relationships with his customers. They trusted him, and their families in turn trusted him. Thus Mueller Furniture has survived, as a family run furniture store, for over 89 years.

In that time, the Mueller family has learned to recognize well made furniture. This is especially true of Amish Furniture, as Lynwood Mueller would serendipitously discover while on a vacation to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in the late 1990s.“Ever wonder why the big trend in the mid 2000s was dark espresso and merlot finished furniture? It’s because the furniture makers in China and Vietnam were using cheap wood veneers, so they slapped a dark espresso or Merlot finish on everything to hide the imperfections and blemishes.`

Mark, Mueller, CEO AFD USA

If you are looking for a green product, that is made by master craftsman in the USA, and will last a lifetime – AFD USA’s Amish Furniture has you covered.

At the time, the big family name furniture companies were continuing to pack up and head over seas. Having taken over the family business in 1977, Lynwood new what high quality furniture was all about, but he was struggling to find it here in the US. So when he visited a furniture market, in the small town of Lancaster, just outside of Gettysburg, he knew he had found what he was looking for.

With Amish Furniture, customers could pick a china cabinet, or a kitchen table and chairs, the perfect wood finish, a grain to match, and have furniture that they, their children, and their grand children could use. Amish Furniture was the heirloom quality furniture America was losing.

So in 2004, when Mark Mueller came on board to help run the family business, he already understood the value of Amish Furniture. What he needed was a way to serve the larger appeal of Amish Furniture. That’s why in 2015 Mark developed Amish Furniture Direct USA (AFD USA).

Mark’s vision for AFD USA was clear – he wanted to create an online store for Amish Furniture. A store that offered the same premium shopping experience his customers were enjoying at Mueller Furniture, but was accessible nation wide, and from the comfort of their own homes.

When John Mueller started Mueller Furniture in 1927, he knew the key to a long-term, successful business lay in the relationships he created with his customers. In today’s modern era, Mark understands the need to take this a step further. At AFD USA the goal is to provide you with the highest quality Amish Furniture, amazing service, and create a relationship with you that will last a lifetime.

– Welcome to AFD USA

Remember this product is not fabricated in a machine somewhere. Instead, use this as a positive point to bring out the beauty and uniqueness of an heirloom piece of furniture.


When you buy from AFD USA, you can rest easy knowing your Amish Furniture is guaranteed for life.*

*Our Amish made furniture carries a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Things that are not considered manufacturing defects include but are not limited to include: scratches, dents from usage, finish reactions, and natural wood variations.